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Statement of Purpose

"By the air of your sweet breath, speak to me of serenity
and by the fire of your bright spirit, share a spark of courage
By the waters of your womb, cleanse me in healing wisdom
and by the earth that is your body, empower my spirit in transformation."

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New Beginnings is a Pagan-based recovery fellowship, offering support for those coping with the many stressors
of Life, from addictions and abuse to co-dependency and damaged self-esteem. Feeling isolated and alone, we
tried various ways to “fix” our situation by relying on the see-saw of excess or burying ourselves in obsessive control.
As a result, we found a comfort zone, living from crisis to chaos, until we hit a dead end. Now, learning what it’s like
to find our own voice and make our own choices, while setting boundaries for ourselves, we enjoy a new-found empowerment.

We are committed to crafting our own unique recovery as Pagans, pantheists and those who celebrate
alternative religions and spiritualities. By applying Pagan-based principles and successful recovery
approaches, we work together to promote healing, break negative patterns, and celebrate a healthy
lifestyle. New Beginnings is not a religious program of "spiritual awakening", because most of us already
freely express our universal connection to the Divine in many forms: as triple Goddess, a pantheon
of Gods, the Lady and Her Consort, or a single cosmic form - using the language from our pre-christian
heritage of paganism. We believe that those without a spiritual connection can enjoy recovery as well,
because faith comes in many forms, and it is not for us to judge the “right” way of someone’s spiritual
journey into healing.

Our focus is on developing our personal program of recovery by attending meetings, finding a sponsor and
working the steps. We provide regular meetings for sharing and connecting with others, an eleven-step
inventory process to carefully design and follow our progress. New Beginnings also offers activities,
meditations, and short rituals for personal reflection and continued growth, as well as literature and
post-discussion fellowship. A core component is our sponsorship workshops, which are a useful guide
for those who wish to serve as a New Beginnings sponsor.

More importantly, we encourage those from diverse pagan paths and traditions to share their struggles and
successes, through the prism of Paganism. The foundation of our religion requires us to take ownership
for our own spiritual growth, following The Rede and The Three-Fold Law of Return. Such personal
responsibility means that we walk in harmony with our Gods, and as such, enjoy a measure of free will
that is unique to our beliefs and enhances our recovery efforts.

No one recovery program works for everyone. The history of Addictions Recovery has a deep well of healing
experiences and diverse tools from which we draw from. It is not our role to decide whether an addiction
is genetic, psychological, physiological, or environmental. We are not affiliated with any national 12 Step
recovery program, local treatment facility or counseling center. New Beginnings is a safe place where
Pagans can find sanctuary, without the pressure of developing a dependency upon the group process,
confessing to “character defects”, or admitting “wrongs”. We welcome all who would stand freely in circle,
In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, without judging, controlling, or self-serving bids for attention.

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