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"By the air of your sweet breath, speak to me of serenity
and by the fire of your bright spirit, share a spark of courage
By the waters of your womb, cleanse me in healing wisdom
and by the earth that is your body, empower my spirit in transformation."

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Our Eleven Step ProgramOur Group Guidelines
Statement of Purpose and FAQs

1. Our universal goal of personal recovery relies on the shared values of acceptance, patience, and respect among all participants willing to create a new beginning.
2. Our unity with the Divine that exists within us, surrounding us, and sheltering us shall guide us in this circle of recovery.
3. Mutual trust is built upon open dialogue and consensus; when a conflict develops, everyone will be given an equal measure of support.
4. Those in leadership support our goals and members through their service, building appreciation between tradition and progressive change, without displays of ego or control.
5. New Beginnings is organized with the help of the Wiccan Interfaith Council International, to guarantee its functioning as a Pagan-based recovery program.
6. The process of anonymity guarantees that all New Beginnings participants confidentiality is protected.
7. The leadership of New Beginnings may act as representatives for the sole purpose of promoting Pagan-based recovery.
8. New Beginnings is not a replacement for counseling or rehabilitation services.
9. WICI Members serving as sponsors are giving a gift of service, and receive an orientation to ensure that sponsees get the help they need to successfully work their steps.
10. We practice diversity in our circle - regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political/religious/social affiliation.

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