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"By the air of your sweet breath, speak to me of serenity
and by the fire of your bright spirit, share a spark of courage
By the waters of your womb, cleanse me in healing wisdom
and by the earth that is your body, empower my spirit in transformation."

Our Pagan Recovery Support Circle


Temple of Panthea
Copperas Cove, Texas 76522

Temple of Panthea
New Beginnings Pagan Recovery Blog

This meeting is open to Pagan, Wiccan, and Heathen women, over 21, who are
seeking recovery from behavioral issues, codependency, alcohol or substance abuse,
in themselves or in a loved one.

NOTE: All Pagan Recovery contact information and meetings are PRIVATE, to
protect the anonymity and confidentiality of participants and those making inquiries.

New Beginnings is a Pagan-based recovery fellowship, offering support for those coping with the,
many stressors of Life, from addictions and abuse to co-dependency and damaged self-esteem. Feeling
isolated and alone, we tried various ways to “fix” our situation by relying on the see-saw of excess or
burying ourselves in obsessive control. As a result, we found a comfort zone, living from crisis to chaos,
until we hit a dead end. Now, learning what it’s like to find our own voice and make our own choices,
we enjoy a new-found empowerment.
* More importantly, we encourage those from diverse pagan paths and traditions to share their struggles and
successes, through the prism of Paganism.
Q. What happens at a New Beginnings Circle meeting?
A. Meetings include a healing activity, discussion, and sharing our stories of recovery, exploring our
current choices and how they impact our healing.

Interested in attending? ~ Contact: NBPaganRecovery@gmail.com

Temple of Panthea
New Beginnings Pagan Recovery Blog

No one recovery program works for everyone. The history of Addictions Recovery has a deep well of healing
experiences and diverse tools from which we draw from. It is not our role to decide whether an addiction
is genetic, psychological, physiological, or environmental. We are not affiliated with any national 12 Step
recovery program, local treatment facility or counseling center. New Beginnings is a safe place where
Pagans can find sanctuary, without the pressure of developing a dependency upon the group process,
confessing to “character defects”, or admitting “wrongs”. We welcome all who would stand freely in circle,
In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, without judging, controlling, or self-serving bids for attention.

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