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Our Vision

THE Wiccan Interfaith Council is an international organization of Wiccan, Pagan, Witch, and Heathen
practitioners and friends, working together to build awareness and appreciation of Wicca, through
education, service, and activism.
NOW we come to celebrate our religion, known as “the Craft of the Wise” and “the Olde Religion”. We
do declare that our faith is built upon the worship of the Gods who originated with the birth of Mother

OUR practice is in accordance with the five laws of Nature, known as Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit.
We understand that all power and knowledge, prosperity and wisdom, flow from this Divine source.

THE Wiccan Interfaith Council International is a non-profit religious, educational, and charitable
organization, of Wiccans, Pagans, Witches, and Heathens. Incorporated on November 1, 2007, the
WICI continues to serve our vast alternative religious/spiritual Gaia-centered community.

CREATED in January of 2006, our 501 (c)(3) non-profit religious, educational, public charity organization
offers an opportunity for "interfaith" work between groups that may be primarily Pagan-based. However,
we also maintain a clear objective in fostering "intrafaith" exchanges as well, between groups and solitaires
that practice Wicca as their primarily spiritual practice.

THE Wiccan Interfaith Council (WICI) International promotes educational publications and activities that
build appreciation of our Pagan roots and awareness of our Wiccan principles through public members
service. Currently, we're sponsoring a Pagan Recovery Support Group for those individuals and family
suffering from the addictions of alcohol, drugs, and their related codependency cycles. We also have
our first journal, Weaving Traditions available for those who are interested in the basic tenets of Wicca.

OUR inter and intrafaith Church works to give support through our committees and projects. For example,
the WICI's Persephone's Hands Prison Outreach, worked with the Indiana D.O.C. Religious Services to
encourage the Executive Directive #07-71, approving the pentagram/pentacle as a "medallion to be worn or
carried", by Wiccan, Witch, and Pagan inmates (approved November 29, 2007). The WICI-Illiana Chapter also
created a Commemorative DVD in 2009, honoring the Pagan Way Tradition.WICI Highlights

CLEARLY, what brings us together is our desire to build awareness and appreciation of Wicca as a religion
and a personal celebration of our Pagan Gods, the Craft of the Wise, also known as "the Olde Religion".
This passion also extends to celebrating fellowship among our different paths and traditions.

OUR members enjoy an organization that offers opportunities for fellowship, learning, and social activism.

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