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Our organization strives to promote greater understanding and appreciation of Wicca, through
interfaith and intrafaith charitable projects and committees, religious services and support,
educational forums, and social activism.

The interaction between our different religious traditions (or “faiths”), is to reach a greater understanding,
respect, and fellowship. Interfaith for the WICI is expressed between Wiccan, Pagan, Witch, and Heathen
religious groups and individuals, yet can also include other progressive religious traditions. Our approch
to Intrafaith Outreach extends to the diverse Wiccan religious groups and individuals in our
global community.


  • Charitable: To promote support for Wiccan practitioners.

  • Educational: To foster appreciation of Wicca, by exploring
    specific traditions, providing clergy advancement, and
    maintaining historical preservation of the Craft.

  • Spiritual: To enrich Wiccan interfaith-intrafaith ties, lending
    support, and building awareness of local-national-global issues.

  • Social: To encourage fellowship among Wiccan, Pagan,
    Witch, and Heathen practitioners.

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