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According to the By-Laws of the Wiccan Interfaith Council International, Wicca can be any of the following:


7. “Religion”, as it applies to Wicca:
i. Any practice of honoring the Goddess, the God, or both; codified by a set of rules or laws, organized into groups, lead by initiated CLERGY of the High Priestess/High Priest rank.
ii. That said groups (coven, grove, circle, or Temple) gather together in a dwelling that is considered sacred and consecrated to one or more deities, of any particular cultural pantheon.
iii. That said groups gather for the purpose of worship through a structured ritualized format, using objects of ritual (ie. tools), liturgy, etc, within a constructed boundary, known as a “circle”.
iv. That said groups engage in the act of worship, teaching the Wiccan tenets and practices, and initiating students into the mysteries of Wicca, also known as "The Craft of the Wise".
8. The term “Wicca”, as it applies to these by - laws:
A. The term "Wiccan" includes, but is not limited, by any of the following criteria:
B. The following statements are representative of the Wiccan approach, and may not be observed by every Wiccan practitioner.
i. That the subtle forces of nature emanate the essence of different energies, present in all organic and inorganic substances:
**people, animals, plants, etc., and as such, are manifested in the five directions as air, fire, water, earth, and Spirit.
ii. That the ultimate creative force is both manifested and expressed as feminine and masculine energies; and is symbolized as The Goddess and The God,
**and therefore Divine in nature and aspects.
iii. To some, both the Goddess/God may be celebrated equally. In others, the Goddess is given precedence, and in other traditions the God is honored solely.
iv. All Goddesses and Gods are aspects of The Goddess (the Great Mother and the Great Father) and The God. The aspects most popular
**may be the Triple Goddess of the Moon (Maiden, Mother and Crone) and the Horned God of death and rebirth.
v. A belief in reincarnation and karma.
vi. Magic is practiced for the positive purposes of spiritual development and connection (with either the Divine and/or nature), healing, guidance, safety,
**and to bring about desired changes in our daily life.
vii. Rituals are performed in a sacred place, at different lunar phases, and at eight Sabbat festivals, which mark the progression of the seasons.
viii. The central ethics are the Rede, the Three-Fold Law, and accepting no coinage for the ancient artes.
ix. There is no pressure to join any particular coven or group, recognizing that people are called to the path that best fits their spiritual needs.
x. That while recognizing a Pagan heritage, the practitioner views their religious path as Wiccan.
9. Also, we're aware that not all practitioners of Witchcraft are "Wiccan":
i. Witches incorporate magic to bring about specific changes, yet may not follow any particular religious system (ie-Connecting with the Divine, either as an
**unmanifested force or as a specific deity.).
ii. And while all Wiccans are Pagans, many Pagans are not Wiccans, nor practice witchcraft. Paganism refers to a diverse variety of non-Christian/Jewish/ Islamic
**religions that are mono/ polytheistic and are nature-based.
iii. To be Wiccan requires that one follow the tenets and practices of Wicca, while recognizing and celebrating the Pagan heritage of the particular
**pantheon associated within a chosen cultural tradition.
10. Lastly, Wiccans may incorporate any of the following practices in their religious expression:
i. Preparing sacred space, casting a circle, calling the quarters, and inviting the Goddess and/or God.
ii. Using a structured form for rituals, and incorporating Wiccan liturgy (ex: Charge of the Goddess/God).
iii. Closing a circle and dismissing the quarters, bidding farewell of the Goddess and/or God.
iv. Raising the cone of power.
v. Celebrating the eight (8) Sabbats, or The Wheel of the Year, or any variation thereof.
vi. Utilizing the energies of the Moon, in any of Her phases.
vii. Using the Law of the Magus as a guideline for practicing magic.
11. The terms "Pagan, Heathen, etc.", as it applies to these guidelines:
A. Includes Witches, Pagans, Heathens, and those who practice their faith through any of the following ways:
1. Observe seasonal and/or lunar cycles.
2. Honor deity, either poly or monotheism, known as Godddess/God.
3. Practice positive magic for health, prosperity, etc.
4. Live in harmony with the earth and Her energies.

1. “Wiccan initiate”: Any Wiccan practitioner with a first degree rank or more from an established coven, group, grove,
**or Temple. (Ex: Priestess, first degree initiate).
2. "CLERGY": Any initiate of Wicca who is recognized as a High Priestess or High Priest, according to a certain ranking (2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.),
**which is solely dependent upon the tradition that the High Priestess or High Priest has initiated into.
3. "ELDER": Any High Priestess or High Priest, who is not currently leading an established coven, group, grove, or Temple.
4. "LEADER": Any person, without benefit of a degree of initiation, who is recognized as a Wiccan leader of a community group or organization,
**with an established term of service to the community at large. AND THAT this service must include teaching the tenets of Wicca, practicing
**Wicca as a religion, and introducing onself - on a consistent basis - as a follower of Wicca.
5. "SOLITARY PRACTITIONER": Any person, without benefit of an initiatory degree of training, who is recognized as a solitary practitioner within
**the religious definitions of Wicca. Solitary practitioners must be able, at the time of applying for membership, be able to demonstrate that they
**are sincere and committed followers of the religion known as Wicca.

* These are from the original body of the codified BY-LAWS of the CHURCH OF THE WICCAN INTERFAITH COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL, as set forth
**and approved for 501 (c)(3) legal status in 2007. The full set of WICI By-Laws is available only to the appropriate federal or state agencies.

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